Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Martin Seligman, a former president of the American Psychological Association, would approve. He has uncovered various structured ways of perking people up, all of them, he insists on the very first page of his new book, “grounded in careful science”. Much of this book consists of the results of various complex tests and interventions designed to reduce depression and anxiety and increase resilience and self-discipline. Writing a “what-went-well-today-and-why” diary for a week, for example, tends to lower depression levels for as much as six months, he claims.

The study of well-being: Strength in a smile | The Economist

Interesting enough, I tried this approach of making a mental note of at least one thing that went well during my day. It helps. Even when things are not exactly going your way, it makes you focus on at least something that went well. And there will always be one. From there you will notice there is more of a positive mental energy inside of you. This can take you a long way -six months or more!

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