Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Arabic

THE Arabic language is dying. Its disloyal children are ditching their mother tongue for English and French. It is stagnating in classrooms, mosques and the dusty corridors of government. Even such leaders as the Lebanese prime minister, Saad Hariri, and Jordan’s foreign-educated King Abdullah struggle with its complicated grammar. Worse still, no one cares. Arabic no longer has any cachet. Among supposedly sophisticated Arabs, being bad at Arabic has become fashionable.

The Arabic language: A God-given way to communicate | The Economist

While other languages are important in this day and age, this should not come at the expense of our mother tongue. Often you see parents who can barely speak another language distance themselves from their mother tongue and take their kids to English or French schools. You even see them communicating with their kids in bad form of a foreign language. This is a pity. We should take pride in our language. The article carries on:

But that hardly means the language is dying. Arabic is the essence of
Arab identity. Arabs are inordinately proud of their linguistic
heritage. Handed down by Allah, many believe the Koran must be read only
in the classical mode in which it was written. Even non-Arabic speaking
Muslims force themselves to learn enough of it to read it. Stumble
though they may, Arabs from different countries are enabled by MSA
[Modern Standard Arabic] to

Far from dying the Arabic language is dynamic and will continue to evolve.


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