Friday, April 23, 2010

The Price of Reputation

Tiger Woods’s penchant for cocktail waitresses and porn actresses ended up costing an astonishing amount of money: two economists at the University of California, Davis, have calculated that his biggest corporate sponsors, such as Nike and Gatorade, saw as much as $12 billion wiped off the value of their shares in the wake of the scandal.

Schumpeter: Brand rehab | The Economist

Tired of Tiger Woods's drama?! Well it cost a lot of money for sure! I personally thought the Tiger Woods scandal was blown out of proportion and that he should be viewed in terms of his profession not his personal life. Had this been France, his popularity would have probably shot up not down. So probably it is best to leave his personal life where it belongs: privately within his family.

I could not resist thinking if this happened to a sport star I admired, without names here. If it would effect the way I viewed him or her. I think I would be disappointed especially if I admired this person not only for what they do but as as a person. I would still admire them for what they do anyways.

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