Monday, December 07, 2009

Disgracful Swiss Vote on Minarets

Disgraceful. That is the only way to describe the success of a right-wing initiative to ban the construction of minarets in Switzerland, where 57 percent of voters cast ballots for a bigoted and mean-spirited measure. Under Switzerland’s system of direct rule, the referendum is binding. Switzerland’s 400,000 or so Muslims, most of whom come from Kosovo and Turkey, are legally barred from building minarets as of now. We can only hope that the ban is quickly challenged, and that the Swiss courts will find a way to get rid of it.

Editorial - The Swiss Vote -

Being liberal does not mean being anti Islamist. Just like some Islamists were outraged with the Swiss ban for the wrong reasons, some liberals applauded the vote for the wrong reasons too. The Islamists ignore that they treat other faiths in their own homeland more harshly than Muslims are treated abroad. Liberals forgot for the moment -for a reason- that their core value is allowing others to express themselves freely, unlike the Swiss ban.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dearest Lulu

They say becoming a parent is a life changing experience. I confirm. As I sat in the delivery room waiting for the new arrival, I thought to myself I should be overwhelmed with emotions. To tell the truth I wasn't. A moment later as I heard her first cry, it hit me! I have become a father.

Dearest Lulu,

Even though I have yet to fully comprehend the miracle that unfolded in front of my eyes, I wanted to write you a little welcome note into this world. I know it's going to be a little while until you get to read it. For now go ahead enjoy the feeding, burping and pooping. Later on in life there will be more to worry about. Stay positive, along with hard work and a bit of luck you will get almost all you want in life. This is called achievement. The rest that you wont get is not meant for you and you are better of without it. This is called fate.

There are two types of worrying: worry with laziness and worry with accomplishment. Make sure you worry productively; otherwise you will just procrastinate. But for now don't worry at all and let your proud and loving parents do the worrying for you. Indeed my biggest worry is coming short and not providing you with all the love you deserve. We are all human and we have our shortcomings, so always try to understand and avoid judging.

Lastly a tip as you grow. Growing does not stop. Tomorrow, God willing, you will crawl, then you will walk, and before you know it you will be running. Remember how you grow naturally and that you walk before you run. Take your time. Enjoy the journey. May God bless you and protect you. I pray for your love and happiness; may you one day be able to pass it along.

Lulu was born November 25th, 2009