Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grand Athletes

Punching the Clock

Here's how long it takes several star athletes to make approximately $100,000, based on the amount of money they've earned this season.


Alex Rodriguez, MLB                            6 pitches

Ben Roethlisberger, NFL*                   4 snaps

Tiger Woods, golf                                    11 holes

LeBron James, NBA*                             21 minutes

Roger Federer, tennis                           28 games

Tony Stewart, Nascar                           125 laps

Norm Duke, bowling*                           2,360 frames

*last full season

How Long Does It Take an Athlete to Make 100 Grand? - WSJ.com


Should have gotten into professional sport!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadan is Here Upon Us

Ramadan Kareem. It's the month of fasting turned upside down. The whole point is to share the feelings of the less privileged during this month through fasting and feeling the hunger and thirst. Yet it became the month of excesses. As soon as the sun sets we start a marathon of eating and feasting continuously throughout the  night.

And what happened to the prayer and quite time. Forget it. Turn the tv on and tune in to the latest episodes especially made for this month and the ads that only rival the US Super Bowl ads (to make it better it's coming right out of your pocket, remember that when you get your inflated mobile phone bill!).

Finally don't forget to rush to the mall and the cafes and so unnecessary social gatherings. Another Ramadan  is here upon us.. eat up and be jolly!