Sunday, May 17, 2009

Women in Parliament


"It's a victory for Kuwaiti women and a victory for Kuwaiti democracy," Ms Awadhi told AFP news agency.

"This is a major leap forward," she said. The right to vote and stand for election to Kuwait's parliament, the oldest in the Gulf, was extended to women in 2005.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Kuwait votes for first female MPs

A truly festive result. At least in one dimension. Four women make it to parliament in Kuwait for the very first time where no women has made it since gaining their rights in 2005. Congratulations Masooma. Congratulations Aseel. Congratulations Rola. Congratulations Salwa (I am glad my vote counted!). Congratulations to Kuwait for glimpse of hope of a better future with the participation of women.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swine Flu in Ku

Returning from Frankfurt to Kuwait, the minute we stepped out of the plane there were nurses lined up taking our temperature. I thought to myself this is interesting how Kuwait is taking precautions against the Swine flue, especially that I have not come across anything like this in the European cities I have been in.

After taking our temperature they gave us a form to fill out then wait in a total chaos of a line to get it stamped so that we can proceed to immigration. I got really frustrated especially after noticing other passengers from other destinations walking straight through without the need for scrutiny. So I asked the officer how come the others walk straight through. It turns out those coming from European destinations have to be checked while the other passengers, coming from Beirut and Dubai, did not require any clearance! I guess the definition of developed world got turned upside down! Only in Ku..