Saturday, April 04, 2009

Zain in Africa


I was on a trip to East Africa lately (Tanzania). The minute we arrived in the airport we were greeted by Zain signs (above) all over the airport. It was a pleasant surprise that made me proud to see national company go abroad and this far.

Even in small towns and villages signs of Zain were all over the place. I started a conversation with the driver who was driving us around. I asked him about Zain and he said that they were grateful to Zain and that it employed his daughter. Then I asked him if he knew where Zain came from and he answered Dubai! I still felt pride even though Dubai took the credit!


Joud said...

lol thats hilarious, dubai !

i'd be proud too, despite that :)

Zaydoun said...

I'm forwarding this to Zain's Corporate PR department

(stuck in airport lounge waiting for delayed flight to Doha)