Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sony Reader Big Disappointment

Ok so I am letting steam off. I just spent hours on the stupid Sony Reader PRS-505 that I bought against my better judgment from London. Unless you are a tech specialist, and not any tech specialist, working for Sony.. don't bother with it!

First of all you have to install the Sony Reader software that restricts you to buying ebooks from Waterstone UK, if you manage to do that, with limited book selection. Then you are required to install another software -some adobe software- that can read the ebooks. Then you have to transfer the ebooks from one place to another and another.. Needless to say I never managed to do that. And there were lots of plug ins you need to find and install.

I never had such issues with the older version of Sony that I bought online from the US. This is not user friendly at all and is full of complications.


Anonymous said...

did you try kindle ?
the second version just realesed
i am wondering if it works in kuwait , do you have any clu ?

Bu Ziyad said...

I did not try the Kindle. The wireless function of Kindle will not work in Kuwait. You can still purchase books from Amazon and transfer them by wire to Kindle. But officially Kindle is only authorized for sale in US and Sony Reader the US or UK. So there might be complications when using it outside those countries.

Anonymous said...

thank you
i just purchased kindle 2 and i am not sure if it will works with my kuwaiti credit card also i have an american debit card .

Anonymous said...

just buy normal books :)