Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lessons for Prime Minister

All these tasks require a leadership with a profound understanding of what is needed, and an iron will to carry it out, in the face of vested interests, political apparatchiks, much ignorance, out-of-date thinking and even fanaticism. To be better prepared for the difficult tasks awaiting him, the next prime minister would do well to study the moral and real-political lessons of Abraham Lincoln and Charles de Gaulle. Both men ensured that the will of the majority would prevail while mobilizing wide support for painful and controversial measures. They broke illegitimate resistance with force when necessary, were astute politicians, reformed statehood and regimes, and laid the bases for their countries' thriving futures. These are qualities no less required by Israel's next prime minister.

Look to Lincoln and de Gaulle - Haaretz - Israel News

Our own Prime Minister could use some of those lessons.

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