Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishes for the New Year

This year had its share of the good and the bad. Just like every year I suppose. Except that the good was exceptionally good and the bad exceptionally so.

Two events come to mind. On the bad side everyone, everywhere and everything suffered in the financial crisis. This once in a century tsunami according to former Fed Chairman Greenspan. But with every crisis comes an opportunity like the Chinese say, and the opportunity for change.

Change came in big. The US elected its first African American president. Regardless of how Obama fares, his mere election is euphoric. It sent shock waves to all and awakened the sense that change is possible. The unthinkable is possible. Dreams are possible. So let the new year be the year of change and may your dreams come true.

Lastly while we are fortunate to live and dream of a better year, naked aggression has robbed many of their lives and dreams. Our thoughts and prayers go to the people of Gaza. May God bring us all peace and prosperity.


Ra-1 said...

Ameen ...

With the start of every New Year I grow 1 year older
I am now having a stomach ache looking at the clock waiting for 12a.m. to come!
I'm scared of what 2009 would bring ...
I hope it will be a beautiful year full of happiness for everyone inshaAllah :)

Grey said...

Wishing you a very Prosperous new year .. hope the share go up in 2009 ;)