Saturday, December 06, 2008

Uneducated Masses


The PAD, arguing that the masses are too “uneducated” to choose sensible leaders and resist vote-buying, wants to restore the semi-democracy of the 1980s, increasing the influence of the army, palace and royalist bureaucracy and diluting the popular vote.

Desperate times in Thailand | Desperate days | The Economist

Democracy in Thailand brought corrupt politicians. This is what one party in Thailand, the PAD, claims. So they have staged protests and blocked the airport demanding doing away with elected politicians and to retreat from democracy.

Similar demands are voiced here in Kuwait. While it is true democracy can have unfortunate consequences; it is more so unfortunate to do away with it all together. The solution is to improve on democracy rather than retreat from it. This can be achieved by better education, improved election laws and party system.


Anonymous said...

I believe it's Churchill who said: "Democracy is the woerst of all regimes, with the only exception of all others"

Bu Ziyad said...

Jacques: very true. Thanks to you I learned how hard it was for French democracy (and the West in general) to reach where it is today, and it is still not perfect.