Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Say A Prayer

Dear Sister,

I wish you a spiritual Haj journey. I am certain you received many requests for prayer from friends, family and even random people. I will add one to those.

May God bless our family. Even though there are times when we can't stand them, they are the reason we are standing. 

May God bless our Friends. True friends are like diamonds, they are forever. Sometimes we seek friends who are popular or make us feel good. True friends aren't necessarily popular and will be honest with you even if it does not make you feel good. That's why they are diamonds in the rough.

May God bless our country. Despite all the negatives, it's where we belong. Our country is generous to us. Only if we were generous in return. Thank God for the blessing of safety and comfortable living. To many in other countries such things are luxury. We are blessed. Let's not waste our blessing.

Finally God bless you. May what you wish and pray for come true. Even when things don't go your way, have trust there is a better way. Whether you call it luck or blessing, without hard work it ain't coming. Go ahead say your prayer. May your life change for better.

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring words.