Monday, December 22, 2008

Money Under the Mattress


A time for financial risks | When the golden eggs run out | The Economist

This is how $100 saved monthly over the past 10 years would have fared. You would have been better off leaving you savings under the mattress than putting it in equities. But don't bet on keeping your savings -or what remains of it- under the mattress. This might be the time to invest wisely.


Anonymous said...

With the market recovering I guess it is time to pull it out of the mattress and buy. but when?

Bu Ziyad said...

slowly.. gradually.. and don't put in the market anything you need soon..

1001 Nights said...

Wow the chart is really interesting. I wonder how Islamic funds would have fared.

Anonymous said...

And when you do invest, don't forget to use Trailing Stop Loss Orders... these have saved many from losing their shirts in this market!