Sunday, December 07, 2008

Kaplan's Dream


That an unskilled dreamer could teach professionals how to bring off a masterpiece is a fantasy that many share but few presume to achieve. Mr Kaplan, after his first performance, said: “I had a feeling that people in the audience were urging me to fulfil my dream. They were up with me on the podium that night, playing baseball for the Yankees, writing the book they never wrote or getting the girl they never got.”

Desperately seeking Mahler | The Economist

In 1965 Gilbert Kaplan was an economist at the American Stock Exchange.  With $150,000 of borrowed and saved money he founded Institutional Investor a monthly magazine that became essential reading for financiers and reached wide distribution. By the end of the 60s  he became a millionaire.

Around the same time he founded his publishing business, he was taken by a friend to an orchestral rehearsal. He instantly fell in love. He later took time off work to study music. Ultimately his passion for music turned him into a notable conductor. It was a dream come true. An encouragement to everyone with a dream to follow their passion.

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