Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Israeli Companies

With its perennial lack of water and an overabundance of sun, Israel has long been a global leader in water and solar technologies. An Israeli kibbutz company, Netafim, invented the first drip irrigation systems, while Luz Industries Israel developed the first commercial solar-thermal power plants. Now Shai Agassi, an entrepreneur who formerly was a top executive at SAP, the German software company, is leading the global charge to put electric cars on the road.

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Israel -or as some call it around here the Zionist Regime- is a place of many disadvantages. It lacks water, energy and surrounded by hostile countries. Instead of lamenting their luck they turned every single disadvantage into an opportunity to excel. They have become leaders in those fields. Regardless of ideology, Israel offers a good example, while our Arab countries squander their abundant resources.

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