Sunday, October 05, 2008

Don't Get Tech

The highlight my Eid holiday is introducing to my parents- hold your breath- DVD players. It all started when my father asked for a way to play CDs then I realized he meant DVDs. So I ended up getting him a portable DVD player that never left his sight like a kid with a new toy. Then my mom got jealous. So I gave her my old DVD player that I explained needs to be attached to the TV for viewing -just like VHS video I explained.

The whole episode was amusing to me as we take technology for granted and can't imagine people living without it. But apparently my parents are not the only ones who don't get tech. The government keeps attempting to censor the Internet -latest attempt with YouTube. Unless you are my parents, you will find a way around any censorship on the Internet. Just like my parents, it seems the government and their Islamist backers need to catch up with technology.


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Well you have to understand that these decisions are baseless. They are never for the well being of the people of q8, they are rather thought of or made for personal reasons.
-They want us all to live a miserable life like them
-They think because their kids misbehave and they have dirty thoughts all the time, that we all are like them