Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Change for President

For what it is worth, I am officially endorsing Obama for President of the USA. Why would any international citizen care or have an opinion of the US election? Two reasons. First, the whole world is on the receiving end of US foreign policy so it matters who's in the White House (even though US policy towards the Middle East is consistently biased towards the strategic relationship with Israel).

Second, what happens in the US election sends a message across the world. It is for this reason I favour Obama. The charismatic Obama stands for change -for the better it is hoped. The US and the world is in need of such change. In this part of the world we dream of change that is often beyond our reach, which makes the message from the US even more meaningful.


Zaydoun said...

My sentiments exactly, although I'm also motivated by getting Sarah Palin as far away from the White House as possible!!!!!

Bu Ziyad said...

Zaydoun: True Sarah Palin is best saved for SNL!