Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Zakat

“WE RUN a business here—but instead of selling cars or candy to kids, we’re selling hope and leadership,” says Nancy Lublin, the chief executive of Do Something, a non-profit group which promotes volunteerism by teenagers. On September 17th she is launching an initial public offering (IPO) to raise the $8m needed to double Do Something’s activities by 2011, by which time it plans to be engaging with around 21m of America’s 32m teenagers.

The business of giving | Non-profit capitalism | The Economist

In the month of Ramadan and as we approach Eid, Muslims feel charitable and pay large sums in the form of Zakat or charity. But did you ever think where your money goes? Does your Zakat or charity even reach the people it is intended to? Do our non profit organizations have a clear mission and are they held accountable to it?

Bait Al-Zakat, which is a government entity, is the most credible organization and they publish annual reports on their activity. But still there is no real verification process. What we lack are two things. The first thing is the interest of the donor to follow up on their money and that it actually went to the right people. Often donors just pay and to them the good deed is done. Second is the existence of independent verification agencies that give ratings and accreditation to charitable organization. This way people will have some comfort when giving to Zakat or charity.


Ra-1 said...

You don’t have to give it to bait alzakat if you can’t trust them, you can give your zakat directly to any poor family either inside or outside Kuwait :)

Anonymous said...

The other day i refused to give (9adaqa)to some woman for the same reason! she was asking me to take a coupon for 1kd. She says its for making (Quran books) for other "poor" countries.

I refused because the other "countries" were totally anonymous to me! Besides, I think people need FOOD more than Quran books these days!

Whats even more funny is that she only seemed to care about finishing her coupon! and not the main reason of it!

After that i got this wicked look from her she was like "its just 1kd" so i said "not even 100 Fils"

When i then asked her "How do i know where my money goes?" She gave me a very silly answer and said "3ala themat-hm" !

Anonymous said...

That's why I don't donate ela 7ag zakat because I have to. My other good deeds I try to do my own way that I trust and know of =)

Unknown said...

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