Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Research Suggests

Telling someone you fancy 'I really like you' could make him or her find you more attractive, research suggests.

BBC NEWS | Health | Declaring love boosts sex appeal

If you are ever bored at work, just think that researchers actually conduct studies to come up with conclusion such as this. Before researchers beat me to it I'm going to come up with few groundbreaking results of my own:

- Research proves that if you are nice to people there is a good chance they will be nice to you.
- Extensive research finds that when you compliment someone this could lead them to blushing.
- Research suggests that humidity could lead to discomfort (influenced by the weather).
- If you don't have anything to blog about just come up with bogus research.. research suggests.
- Research shmesearch someone tell those people it's called Common Sense!

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Zaydoun said...

And people get paid for this