Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mohammad

Mohammad my nephew turns (72 or 73 according to his mom!) today. 

Dear Mohammad,

I wish you the best on this day.
Here are few words I don't expect you to follow,
but I sure hope you live your life to the fullest,
and not just follow.

As I write those words,
the world is in trouble.
Financial markets tumbling,
cause of the burst of the bubble.

Some thought the US was the greatest.
How could the empire be brought to its knees?
The Dow took a nosedive,
and Nasdaq started to sneeze.

Now let me tell you the difference between us and them.
Around here they don't let you fail.
Simply because you are born this way.
Whether you are young and strong or old and frail.

We live in a land where failure is not an option.
Neither is success.
Conformity is the rule.
Collective failure is the result. What a mess!

Don't let my words discourage you.
Go on to succeed or even fail.
Always remember to be positive.
In the end you will prevail.


Jandeef said...

صح لسانك

well said

Someday said...

your nephew turns (72 or 73 according to his mom!)?!?!?!?!
if you said 72 and nephew I'd think okay! that's 6! mashallah! el 3omer killah enshallah!
but 73?!!?!?!? what is that!!
any way, whether Mohammad is 6 or 73 your advice is a bit not appropriate to both ages! :p

ملاحـظـة said...

ذكرتني بمقولة جميلة
احفظها عن ظهر قلب تقول

الفشل حالة عامة و النجاح حالة عامة
و الاختيار بينهم قرار شخصي

بوست جميل

Bu Ziyad said...

Mohammad is eleven his mom clarified :p

Anonymous said...

I applaud you bu ziyad...You brought everything out and i loved the poem. Keep this up thank you...

ZooZ "3grbgr" said...

sweet poem keep it coming

shows the half full glass of water

it's about how you interpret your environment

but "BE POSITIVE" advise i totally agree with

the way i truely see it

it is the best survival tool these days with the red index signals around the financial markets :\

Anonymous said...

Sad but true
Lovely words!
You really know how to put words together.

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

No one could have said it better...

On behalf of all the readers I would like to give you a standing ovation.

AyyA said...