Sunday, August 31, 2008

War and Peace Vol.1

Mission accomplished. I have set a target to finish the first volume of this great novel by the end of the summer. What a joy it was. Definitely beyond expectations. I was expecting to struggle through it and not enjoy it so much. To the contrary it was challenging but in a mind stimulating way. I reflected on every page and enjoyed the writing, history, and philosophy all put together in a great work of art.

The first volume consists of three parts. Part one introduces the social scene among the Russian aristocracy in 1805. Part two introduces the war scene as the Russian and Austrian armies prepare to confront the French. Part three the two scenes get entangled and climaxes with the Battle of Austerlitz
which was a decisive victory for the French. More to follow.


Qumar 14 said...

i'm jealous.

this has been on my to read list since highschool.

never read more than 30 pages.

Grey said...

Wish you Ramadan Kareem .

Bu Ziyad said...

beyond: never too late.. you can do it!

grey: thanks mate!