Wednesday, August 06, 2008

European History for You

My good friend Jacques noticed the book cover of War and Peace (above) shown on a previous post. Jacques, among his many skills, is a history expert, especially European being French. As I embarked on reading this great book I asked for Jacques' assistance and indispensable insight.

Jacques posses a challenge to readers: on the book cover, on top there is a one-headed eagle, below is a two-headed eagle. What does this mean? Notice the book is about Russia and the war with Napoleon led France. The first to get the answer is the winner. They can claim their prize from Jacques -or I will on their behalf in the form of dinner and hearing the full version of the answer straight from the expert.


Anonymous said...

The one headed eagle on the top represents Napolean's symbol of his new French Empire

The double headed eagle at the bottom symbolizes an empire that rules over both the East and the West.

It's like war and peace!

Bu Ziyad said...

I believe we have a winner! Ok people you can stop the flood of replies now :p