Tuesday, July 01, 2008

War and Peace

I have embarked on a literary challenge. It is described as one of world’s greatest novels. Probably one of the longest too (1000+ pages long)! In a way it is four books in one. It is Leo Tolstoy’s masterpiece War and Peace.

My desire to read this novel is probably as complex as the novel itself. In a time of instant gratification and magazine literacy, I yearned for more! It just seems we are feeding on microwaved instant dinners, and I wanted a proper meal cooked and enjoyed to the fullest!

In Internet age we are aware of so much at our fingertips, yet experience so little with our lives. I wanted to read something that would fill the void that comes with comfort. We have found comfort but not meaning. This meaning is only as deep as our experiences are. We cannot click our way through it. It comes with the good and bad, ups and downs, happy and sad, war and peace..

So wish me luck in my endeavor. Until then.


Anonymous said...

I wish you lots and lots of luck. I am an avid reader; I made it through Anna Karenina, but when I tried War and Peace and I had to surrender unconditionally - went down in total defeat.

It might be great summer reading! Let us know how you do.

Grey said...

Good luck man ! 1000 + pages ???? May the force be with you !!

Bu Ziyad said...

xpat: you should check out the new translation which linked here.

grey: I hear you! I am aiming for finishing the first volume for now which is around 300 pages.. and I'll take it from there.

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend this book to others?

Bu Ziyad said...

doeringer: absolutely! I am still working on it but it's a joy so far..