Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Running Mate

Of the two, Mr McCain has the easier choice. Lexington would plump for Mitt Romney, a youthful-looking 60-year-old with plenty of executive experience—a former governor of Massachusetts who rescued the Salt Lake City winter Olympics from disaster. He goes down well with many conservatives. And he is a businessman with credibility on Wall Street and an impressive record of re-engineering failing corporations. True, he is a Mormon with unreal hair, and he and Mr McCain don’t like each other much. But running for the White House is not a road trip.

[…] given this wealth of choices Mr Obama would do well to be careful: he needs someone with a delicate combination of executive experience and personal gravitas. Mr Biden likes to shoot his mouth off. Mr Nunn is anathema to liberal activists who are already furious with Mr Obama’s move to the centre. Mr Richardson is too gregarious for his own good. Mr Gore may be too big for the job, in every sense. The three remaining candidates—Messrs Warner, Bayh and Kaine—may be a little on the dull side. But given Mr Obama’s race and charisma, a boring white man may be exactly what he needs.

Lexington | Cobbling together a dream ticket | Economist.com.

The Economist’s recommendation for the running mate of both the Republican and Democratic candidates. Let’s see how it folds out.


Grey said...

Im not a political expert, but Mc Cain rather axe his foot than choose Romney as his running mate, If i am not wrong Christian Conservatives play a big role in USA elections and Romney being a mormon won't help much.

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