Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Real Champ

[Y]our press conference comment that you learned nothing from the match is not true, or at least it should not be true. As you said, this loss is devastating, the most devastating of your career. In life, we all face such devastation at some point or another. We lose someone we love, or we fall short in some way or another. I speak from experience. These feelings are part of the human experience. So you have learned something--at the very least, you have learned what it is like to lose something very near and dear to you. Yes, it is devastating. There is no other word to describe it. You will never be the same again, and the pain will never leave you alone. The next lesson is to learn to somehow go forward in spite of the pain. This is a lesson that many never learn. You have the opportunity to learn this lesson now, and show the world what a real champion is.

Roger Federer - News Detail.

A Federer fan’s comment following the epic Wimbledon final. It felt like watching a great movie with a sad ending. Like watching the Titanic. Probably down the line what will be remembered is what a great movie it was not how it ended. Same goes for the match.


Grey said...

Honestly i cheered for Nadal all the way ( sorry about that ) ... The man truely deserves some recognition ..

Bu Ziyad said...

grey: You cheered for Nadal?! That's it you are banned from this site! :p