Sunday, June 08, 2008

On Losing

This post is on losing. It is inspired, if there is such inspiration for loss, by the crushing defeat of Roger Federer in the French Open final today. Being a Federer fan, in case you haven’t noticed, I was shocked with such a poor result and so disappointed. I know it sounds silly but I feel emotionally entangled with his performance! So I reacted with anger and the first thought that occurred to me was wow maybe with this result he should join the juniors’ competition next year! Then I thought heck let him join the girls competition and let Nike make him a nice pink dress!!!

After a while I started thinking more rationally. Losing big is not the end of the world. Some of us have their fair share of big losses. It is no reason to despair, because if anything it means you are out there trying. As long as you believe in and enjoy what you are doing, one day success will come along, and even if it does not it is no loss.

Despite Federer’s big loss today he remains the number one tennis player in the world. This applies to the rest of us: even when we experience loss or failure we remain number one to our families and loved ones. I also realized that being number one is not to best everyone else; it’s doing your best!

So go on Roger be your best and I am sure you will get the best of it all. As far as I am concerned, I will watch sport for entertainment and not to get worked up. I need to save my energy for things that matter so that I too can do my best! 


Anonymous said...

brilliantly expressed. Im Inspired by your writing.

A pedestrian said...

I love losing - we should all celebrate being losers because its boring when you know you can win and you actually win.
having said that - that was well written and I think I should print this post and read it every morning :)

Bu Ziyad said...

ahem.. thank you all I am glad someone out there is reading :p

Pedestrian: I don't think you should intend to lose.. it's one of those things that will happen anyways so save it for then and go for a win when you can!