Monday, June 02, 2008

Free Dress Day!

French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent has died at the age of 71, hailed as a 20th century cultural innovator who revolutionized the way women dressed.

French fashion king Yves Saint Laurent dies - Yahoo! News.

In memory of the French fashion designer, Islamists Members of Parliament here in Kuwait decided to lift their ban on western dress and not walk away during the next session of parliament at the sight of our fashionable female ministers.

However, some women activists threatened to conduct eulogy session for the French designer. The ministry of interior threatened all fashionistas attending with charges on the basis of breaking the country’s uniform. Also it is rumored that the deceased French designer was behind the hijacking of our traditional values and dress code that is inspired by a black tent covering women from head to toe.

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Grey said...

First I thought YSL was a Saint .. didnt know it was a Person .. RIP YSL.

Second ... real funny post ! dripping sarcasm !