Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lesbos or Mytilini

Campaigners on the Greek island of Lesbos are to go to court in an attempt to stop a gay rights organisation from using the term "lesbian".

BBC NEWS | Europe | Lesbos islanders dispute gay name.

Funny story! Inhabitants of the Greek island of Lesbos are trying to prevent the use of the word “lesbian” that implies sexual preference. The government embarrassed by the name is trying to rename the island after its capital Mytilini (which sounds awfully close to the Arabic word for homosexuals)! I guess one way or another the islanders are screwed (no punt intended).


eshda3wa said...


thats just too funny!

snookie said...

I truly feel for them.. that really sucks :/

but they could use lesbosian or lesboan.. they can't compete with a worldwide used word!