Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Toughing it Out

An unflinching Trevor Immelman won the Masters by toughing it out, by staring down all challengers, by laughing at bad breaks and by doing what his lifelong golf idol told him to do.

He listened to a voice mail message left by his idol, his fellow South African Gary Player, on Saturday night. It helped Immelman prepare for what he would see, feel and do on Sunday in the crucible of the back nine at Augusta National.

"You know, it gave me goose bumps," said Immelman, 28. "He told me that he believed in me and I need to believe in myself. And he told me I've got to keep my head a little quieter when I putt. He said I'm just peeking too soon.

"He told me to just go out there and be strong through adversity, because he said that adversity would come today, and I just had to deal with it."

He dealt with it.

Immelman stays tough to win Masters - International Herald Tribune.

Whether it’s golf or other life challenges, true words on toughing it out. Just when tiger lurks behind the woods.. believe in yourself and let your best come out. This will see you through the day.

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