Saturday, April 12, 2008

If You First Don't Succeed..

“If I’m being frank, it is hard,” Roddick said. “But at the same time … the good thing about tennis is you pretty much start over at the beginning of every day. Even after some of my tough losses, I think I’ve always been pretty clear that I would get up the next morning and keep going. You know, I’ve had a pretty good career doing that so far.”

Roddick tries again against nemesis Federer - Tennis - Yahoo! Sports.

Roddick ended up winning this time around (not that I am happy about it!). But life is truly like a game of tennis; don’t let losses hold you back. Everyday is a new day and success can be yours.


Anonymous said...

the only 'game over' is death and even then i can't be sure that's a game ender.

Grey said...

Anon... easy man !

I agree , but some times you should let things go when you know that it is out of reach ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post bu ziad,, I really need to read such words..

I've just failed on something..

Bu Ziyad said...

Grey: I agree.. It's like the serenity prayer.. to have the wisdom to know when to stop or keep going.. (I feel this way about my cfa examination!)

Deem: I hope you succeed.. or find a better path..