Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Power of Now

I got my hands on The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle after it was recommended to me thinking it was about time management. I got the audio version purchased from the itunes store which is great. It is a good way to fill the gap while you’re waiting for a plane or at the gym..

Anyways it turns out not exactly about time management but great reading (listening) nevertheless. It’s about how to be fully focused on the moment and not let the past or the future get in the way. I know it sounds a little.. well bite me, but I found the insights helpful and practical.

Try to stop the voice in your head. The constant thinking. You don’t need all the thinking - don’t get it wrong this does not mean doing stupid things rather to be conscious and present without constant thinking. Imagine you are engaged in your favorite sport or hobby when you are in the zone and not thinking and everything comes out naturally and smoothly. I think in a nutshell this is the idea behind this book: to try to make every moment of your life similar to this experience.


Anonymous said...


Bu Ziyad said...

chithi :p

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'm just done with that book... But don't u think he repeated himself alot? I mean he say the same sentences many times!!

The idea is new for me, and i like it,, but I think I still need some practice :S I still can't focus and live my NOW!!

Bu Ziyad said...

deem: you're right he does repeat himself.. and I guess it is easier said than done.. but even if you get a little bit out of it then it's good enough.. sometimes i catch myself worrying about the future or the past and i just try to stop it right there and then and focus on the moment believing things will be alright and it gives me a sense of relief.. try it!

Shoush said...

Interesting. Will check it out. The 'audio' version that is.