Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Harmony Please

PYONGYANG (Reuters) - The United States' oldest symphony orchestra played an unprecedented concert on Tuesday in hermit North Korea that both sides say they hope will bring a little harmony to relations between the bitter Cold War foes.

North Korea tunes in to New York Philharmonic - Yahoo! News.

Why don’t they come play in Kuwait? Why don’t they come play in our parliament? We desperately need a bit of harmony! It seems our parliament in constantly engaged in some sort of war either with the government or amongst itself: election laws, salary increases, segregation of sexes, accusations of disloyalty and it never stops.

Then we are faced with this seemingly 50 day break of National Day and Liberation Day. We are finally to be liberated from this boredom tomorrow. Rather than clogging the streets and spraying foam why can’t we enjoy proper celebrations? Why can’t we have fireworks? Let the music play. Let some harmony take place.

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