Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Privatise Kuwait Airways

"But obviously we weren't able or prepared to offload 35 previously booked customers, basically taking the whole of our premium cabin and 17 seats in economy, at that short notice.

"That's not the way that commercial airlines run their businesses, and we're a commercial airline."

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Emirates to end Lanka partnership.

That was Peter Hill the CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, who is appointed by Emirates Airlines that manages Sri Lankan Airlines under a management agreement. Emirates decided not to renew the management agreement after the Sri Lankan government withdrew Mr. Hill’s residency for refusing to allow the president of the country to get 35 seats on a flight at a short notice.

Can you imagine Kuwait Airways refusing Member of Parliament, let alone a President, a request in order to honor regular passengers?! That’s why Kuwait Airways needs to be privatised and act like a commercial airline.


Anonymous said...

LoL of course not!!!

Anonymous said...

a kiss on a nose will grant not only a seat but an upgrade for free in kwtshitairways.

Unknown said...

well their website has not been working for a week now !!!

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