Thursday, January 10, 2008

Safat Help

For a while I have been off Safat for some reason.. Then all of a sudden a post reappeared on the Kuwaiti blogs aggregator. I am not sure what exactly is going on. I tried few times to reregister. Now it seems I am off again. I tried emailing the people at Safat but nothing happened. Does anyone have any clue what is going on?

A New Day!

The National Assembly Wednesday approved three financial laws which include turning the Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) into a private shareholding company, regulating the establishment of companies to construct and develop public warehouses and customs outlets and handling and protection of public properties. All three laws have been referred to the Council of Ministers for execution.

Arab Times :: MPs vote to privatise Kuwait Airways.

Good news from the government and the parliament finally! Let’s hope they are getting the message and getting their act together to catch up. With the approval of those laws, the government and parliament have given us a reason to be optimistic about the future and putting us on the path of economic development.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kuwait Food Center

While Abu Dhabi pours $27 billion into building five museums, including a Guggenheim designed by Frank Gehry and a Louvre designed by Jean Nouvel, another planned project will help expand Arabic libraries.

As part of efforts to transform the emirate into the cultural lodestone of the Middle East, the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, or Adach, has chosen 100 books to be translated into Arabic.

Translating books into Arabic - Los Angeles Times.

Yet another great initiative coming from other Gulf countries. While others are busy building great learning institution or centers of art and culture, the only thing that seems to pop up around here is restaurants! Rather than becoming financial and trade center maybe we should stuff ourselves and become the food center of the Gulf and start translating cookbooks into Arabic.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Privatise Kuwait Airways

"But obviously we weren't able or prepared to offload 35 previously booked customers, basically taking the whole of our premium cabin and 17 seats in economy, at that short notice.

"That's not the way that commercial airlines run their businesses, and we're a commercial airline."

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Emirates to end Lanka partnership.

That was Peter Hill the CEO of Sri Lankan Airlines, who is appointed by Emirates Airlines that manages Sri Lankan Airlines under a management agreement. Emirates decided not to renew the management agreement after the Sri Lankan government withdrew Mr. Hill’s residency for refusing to allow the president of the country to get 35 seats on a flight at a short notice.

Can you imagine Kuwait Airways refusing Member of Parliament, let alone a President, a request in order to honor regular passengers?! That’s why Kuwait Airways needs to be privatised and act like a commercial airline.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Keep Dreaming

Under Mao, China didn't drift, it careened. The propellant came from the top. Policies were poor, execution dreadful and leadership misdirected, but each initiative seemed to create a centripetal force, as everyone looked toward Beijing to see how to march forward (or avoid being trampled). The business equivalent of this is restructuring, the broader the better. Perhaps for the struggling executive, this is the single most important lesson: if you can't do anything right, do a lot. The more you have going on, the longer it will take for its disastrous consequences to become clear. And think very big: for all his flaws, Mao was inspiring.

Staying at the top | Mao and the art of management |

Sounds familiar? Think Kuwait as Financial and Trade Center!