Friday, August 03, 2007

Summer Reading 1

During a visit to London earlier this year, I stopped by Al-Saqi bookstore and bought a number of Arabic books. I look forward to such visits to the Arabic bookstore in London and to shop for books without any censorship! I saved the books for summer reading and following are some samplings:

عرس الزين، الطيب صالح

A short novel about an eccentric character in a Sudanese village. This character is the laugh of the village yet at the same time brings some sort of harmony to the community. The character, Al Zain, ends up marrying the most coveted girl of the village amid everyone’s bewilderment. [link]

في بلاد الرجال، هشام مطر

I found out later that this novel is originally published in English (In the Country of Men). It’s about a child telling his story growing up in Libya. One angle of the story revolves around his mother being forced to marry his father due to conservative repression. A forced relationship that grew into a loving one. However, the main angle of this novel is being subjected to political repression and violence from the child’s perspective.


1001 Nights said...

Let me know how Country of Men goes I've been seeing it in shops for a while, I think I'll pick a copy up soon inshalla.

Bu Ziyad said...

nights: I'd recommend it.. I read the Arabic version. It's a good read!