Saturday, July 14, 2007

Everybody Hates Chris

I wanted to be class president because I wanted everyone to believe in me, but the only way I became president is by believing in myself.

Chris from Everybody Hates Chris

I remember watching this funny episode where Chris was running for school president. His geek friend prepared a polished speech for him. His opponent, the school bully, stole his speech. So Chris had to face the crowd with no prepared speech. He just spoke his heart out plain and simple: things that mattered to him such as the quality of the Jello served in the cafeteria or the boring school trips. It turns out that’s what mattered to others as well and he was elected school president by speaking his heart out and keeping it real.



Anonymous said...

Was it season 2 ? I saw almost all episodes of EBHC on MBC 4 . It's so so so good , my fav next to friends & That 70's show ! ..

BTW Sometimes speaking your heart out could get us in to trouble ,as in shock jock 'Don imus' case !

bored said...

speaking from the heart is always great, and a much more effective way of reaching out to people, and mentioning food in your speech will guarantee you a win ;)

Bu Ziyad said...

grey: not sure which season.. saw it on plane.. speaking out does not meaning lashing out.. just being sincere and believe in what you are saying..

bored: especially to hungry audience :p