Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Women in Labor Law

There is much dismay from the recently approved adjustments to Kuwait’s labor law concerning the treatment of women. Women are not supposed to work after 8 pm and are not allowed to join hazardous jobs according to the adjustments. This clearly conflicts with women’s free will.

Now what is not apparent is that the adjustments are not entirely new. The original law prohibited women from working at night, and the adjustment only specified the definition of night to be after 8 pm. The original law included the same hazardous jobs provision, so it’s nothing new.

What people did not realize is that even before such adjustments the law conflicted with women’s free will but no one knew about it; neither was it implemented. That does not mean that the adjustments should pass by unnoticed or or un-opposed. The entire labor law should be overhauled to be fair to women as well as to address the bigger issue of encouraging the private sector and overall development.

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Grey said...

its just a law , nothing to worry about ! Laws are made to be broken , Everyday there are new laws and decrees , the next day some one will over write them , which is very much the case of Visit visa's , once the egyptians are banned , next they are allowed , yesterday visit visa's for immidiet family's only , today you can bring your distant relative also , some months visit visa's are valid for 6 months , some months only a month .... i mean can't they make up thier mind once for all for heaven sake !