Sunday, June 03, 2007

Note to Self

I’m on a high right now. Not the recreational type but a mental one. I just went through a professional examination, the grueling type, and regardless of the outcome (pray for me!) the experience was worthwhile. I jotted few notes to self while I am still in this state of mind to remember:

- Challenge yourself every once in a while: Get out of your comfort zone. Give yourself that kick in the behind. It will cause some pain but it will awaken that thing inside of you and open your eyes to a new reality or the reality you missed while deep in your comfort.
- Once you get that vision of your new reality, a vision built on you potential not your limitation, act on it fast before you fall back to your comfort zone.
- Follow your heart: remember the constant dilemma about heart vs. mind? The answer is heart, but makes sure it is your heart that you’re listening to –it’s called the gut feeling.


1001 Nights said...

Your second point reminds of a quote that says something like "think you can or think you can't, either way you're right" and if my memory doesnt fail me it was said by Henry Ford. 9ij having a vision that you beleive is within your reach and seeking it out is very important if you have ambition.

Your last point is totally right on tpp. It's a tool we should learn to rely on and use more often and i think it gets sharper as you get older.

Grey said...

oops ! don't have a comfort zone , its war every day and its fun too...

Anonymous said...

Inshallaah you'll pass :)

was it the cfa exam?
if so, was 18 weeks enough to cover all the material?

Bu Ziyad said...

nights: gets sharper as we get older.. lets hope so!

wolf: good for you!

nouf: yes it was.. its a lengthy program but if you manage your time properly it should be enough.