Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Crying Out for Help

I am personally aware of a very sad story about an American teacher in Kuwait. The teacher, Katherine Phillips, is Al-Bayan Bilingual School Middle School Deputy Principal. She is the victim of an influential parent who has effectively detained her in Kuwait. Her only crime was to suspend the influential parent's son for fighting! This is a normal procedure but the parent threatened her and is carrying out his threat. Her full story can be found in International Schools Review site. She is crying out for help.


Anonymous said...

I really feel bad for Ms Catherine ,I pray that God will make way for her when Wasta has closed ways . Probably somebody should come up with a Sticker Wasta Kills" just as "Smoking Kills"

Anonymous said...

I read this news today morning in the newspaper but didn't pay that much attention, thanks for posting it my prayers are with her. I hope she gets out of this ditch.

Bu Ziyad said...

grey: they should! its really sad..

amu: thanks let's hope so..

Anonymous said...

I saw your request to Mark 2.48. You did right Bu.

I Proud to be a Bu Ziyad fan .