Sunday, May 13, 2007


I attended a presentation held at Kuwait Economic Society to introduce Toastmasters club. The presentation was given by club member Mr. Abdullah Al-Mahdi who did a wonderful job in introducing the concept. Basically Toastmasters club is made up of 20 to 30 people who meet once a week. During the meeting the members learn the skills of conducting meetings, give speeches and get evaluated.

So far there are few clubs in Kuwait but the number is growing through word of mouth. Joining requires a small fee as it is a non profit organization after all. It’s a great concept and it teaches valuable skills to communicate better and become more effective.


eshda3wa said...

o i would love to join something like that

one day inshallah when i have time for a life

لمياء الحالمة said...

بو زياد

هل لديك اية معلومات بخصوص نادي التوستماسترس بالكويت, شروط الإنتساب للعضوية, موقع إنترنت للنادي, أو ارقام تلفونات؟

1001 Nights said...

In the future would you mind announcing these things before they occur in case a reader wants to go? That would be great!

Bu Ziyad said...

eshda3wa: inshallah!

lamya: all i have is the website(linked in the post) it seems they work on very low budget so not sure how to contact them.. you may contact Kuwait Economic Society at 484 7979 they will provide you with further information..

nights: i was not sure what it was all about till i went to the presentation.. i suggest you join Kuwait Economic Society (484 7979) this way you will be informed about the events..

Ms. Sarah said...

I'm a member in a Toastmasters club!
check my blog for details ;)


you're all welcome to attend our meetings :D

Unknown said...

I am a member of
and I recommend it for an english speaking club

If you want to find other clubs in Kuwait just go under the "find clubs" section of the link and then put "Kuwait" and you can look see all the other clubs