Saturday, May 19, 2007

How to Procrastinate

I have been procrastinating lately; here are top five ways to do so:

  1. Click on Next Blog>> link on the Navbar above.. Keep doing it.

  2. Change the color of your blog’s header box (in case you have not noticed I did, inspired by my much admired The Economist  I must admit).

  3. Wash the dust off your car after the sand storm.. do it again.

  4. Read all local newspapers which are popping up everyday. Do we really need all those newspapers in this digital age? Are they financially viable? It makes you wonder about the real motivation.

  5. Sing along: min 7obna laha.. Rather than appealing to peoples altruism to reduce consumption wouldn't it be more effective to appeal to their pockets and lift the subsidy on electricity and water?! With all due respect to the lovely girls and boys performing the song. 

Happy procrastination whatever it is that you are avoiding!


Grey said...

1 Funny though... my nav bar not working !
2.Will try...if i get time
3.Bed coffee and arab times..
4.about singing.. i use bathroom shower as a mike ,, its amazing ...lalalala

Anonymous said...

Change the header clolor but not up tp that TOO FLASHY color :P

They say I've a nice voice :P what u want me to sing?? :P

Bu Ziyad said...

deem: flashy will keep you awake :p (i did tone it down by the way)

wolf: maybe you and deem can form a band :p