Saturday, May 05, 2007

How to Let Happiness Find You

But there is a final point that the long philosophical tradition of debate about happiness and the good life shows, and it is this: that the surest way to unhappiness is to try to pursue happiness directly. This is because happiness only ever comes as the outrider to other things that are in themselves independently fulfilling and rewarding.

Happiness is like the dot of light in a very dark room that you can only see out of the corner of your eye, but which vanishes when you look directly at it.

Instead of looking for happiness, therefore, one should look for achievement in a worthwhile field, or service to a noble cause, or the good of one's family or community, or the personal pleasure that comes from creative endeavour.

As surely as night follows day, happiness will attend success in any of these efforts. Learning the value of these things is what constitutes an education in happiness; applying the lessons thus learnt is what offers the best chance of finding it.

Telegraph newspaper online.


1001 Nights said...

Did you write that yourself? I looked for it in the link I didnt find it. If you did then mashalla it was beautifully written.

You know these kinds of issues really should be tackled in the ealier educational stages. Someone needs to explain to children in more simple terms what it means when it says "and they lived happily ever after" at the end of a fairytale.

Bu Ziyad said...

nights: no i did not write it. it is a direct quote frome the telegraph newspaper as the link shows. if the link does not work try this:

Grey said...

Amen ! it's very true !but doesn't money buy happiness ?

Anonymous said...

i agree with nights

Bu Ziyad said...

wolf: why dont you send me some and il tell you if it works :p

Anonymous said...

It's a powerful thought, and true, I think. And it's not unlike counting your blessings - it's all about where your focus is. If you feel you are living the life you were created to live, you feel . . . happy. Or at least that is how it works for me. Do you agree with the quote?

Bu Ziyad said...

xpat: sure i agree.. we should not seek happiness.. we should seek meaningful endeavours and happiness will follow..