Saturday, April 07, 2007

Without You, There Is Nothing

I got a wonderful sogha (souvenir) from my cousin Ahmidi coming back from China. It’s a figurine of a duck squad climbing a cliff. It shows how the ducks are helping each other and relying on each other to make it over the cliff. I loved the gift and the message that came along with it. Thanks cuz you have the kindest heart (despite the annoying attitude). I love you man (even though you annoy the crap out of me at work and I don’t hide it).

The message that came along with it is in Chinese with the English translation:
"Without you, there is nothing,
Without me, there is nothing.
We move in unison,
Step by step,
Heart to heart.
Without one, the other ceases to be."


Utmost-y said...

ahhh thatt was very sweet of him!
cuutee! Mashallaa
Allah eykhalekum ilba3a9'!:)

Grey said...

thats sweet..but does it apply to humans ?...I mean while we are young we move in unison...but when we grow up we fall apart with all that family politics!

I wish we were ducks !

1001 Nights said...

It's cute how you guys are all sentimental and mushi with each other! :) Yula Alla la yafrigkum.

I wish we were wolves. Actually, I wish I was a wolf and everyone else was a duck neeeyahahahahaaaa

A pedestrian said...

hehehe good one! only family can understand the underlying sarcasm that comes with this gift! its brilliant!
" allah yikhaleena hag ba3ath"

Kinano said...


That's a cool gift :)

Bu Ziyad said...

utmost: thanks :)

wolf: ur right so many things can mess up family bonds especially if you get into family business!

1001 nights: sometimes you get wolves in duck suit :p

pedestrian: thanks for ur wishes :)

kinan: very cool!

Anonymous said...

thats so sweet!