Sunday, April 01, 2007

Foolish Observations

Well I won’t fool you on April fools day but I’ll share with you my foolish observations on blogging in Kuwait:

- Why is almost everyone anonymous?! Most Kuwaiti blogs I encountered are. In a random sample 90% of Kuwaiti blogs are anonymous –true identity of author not available or disguised- while for international blogs only 30% are anonymous (yes I made this up but I am guessing it’s true and it’s April fools day so I can make stuff up!). Why are we –yes me included- hiding our identity? I understand why some would but what about the rest? For me I blame it on herd mentality –I followed the rest! Maaaaaaa’ :p

- Why do we blog during office/school hours? After running extensive regression analysis on blogging habits in Kuwait, I can say with 95% level of confidence that 60% of blogging (writing and reading) happens during office/ school hours, 25% late evening/night and the remaining 15% in between (again foolish statistics but my point stands nevertheless). What does this say about our work ethics?! And most blogs tout reform! I know a good place to start..

Have a foolish day!


1001 Nights said...

LOOL I loved this post!

*commenting during working hours...errr*

A pedestrian said...

answer Q.1: because its our chance to experience multiple personalities and some of us out there are true schizophrenics
Answer Q.2: because we all suffer from ADD :)

Grey said...

I don't have a pc so i have to blog at work.. and its fun....
BTW if you knew my identity ... you would be asking for 'discount'.. so i am happy behind the mask..

Bu Ziyad said...

1001 nights: no worries i wont tell :p

pedestrian: so true!

happy wolf: im so hoping you are the rolex dealer :p

Kinano said...

loooool @ "For me I blame it on herd mentality –I followed the rest! Maaaaaaa’ :p"

Well, your little stat no. 1 doesn't apply to me so I will just let it go by :P

Stat 2. I second pedestrian, we are a generation-ful of ADD cases.

Bu Ziyad said...

kinan: you are one of the few brave ones with name and picture!

Misguided said...

great post.

I guess we are just shy :P

Anonymous said...

i generally read or write posts in the evenings or at coffee breaks with the following pattern:

evenings: usually time to reflect and write more thoughtful posts.

coffee breaks: usually i am reading the news (printed or online) and come across something really worth noting for posterity so a quick blog note is in order. stumbling across a good nugget of information is so much fun.

blogging at the office is usually not an option because my day is chock a block with work activities.

those that read/blog at work/school are usually sending out a signal (to themselves?) that they are unhappy where they are.

a good job will keep you thinking about nothing else until you have achieved your goals (you do know what those are right?).

a good school/class/teacher will keep you filled with ideas about where you will go next and how you will apply that knowledge gained and those ideas sprouted. (this also applies to a good book no matter what subject it is about)