Saturday, April 21, 2007

Easter Everywhere

But she nails the central question — of her memoir and perhaps of her life — with an extraordinary quote from Simone Weil. “One has only the choice between God and idolatry,” Weil wrote. “If one denies God ... one is worshiping some things of this world in the belief that one sees them only as such, but in fact, though unknown to oneself imagining the attributes of Divinity in them.” Hence the title “Easter Everywhere.”

Easter Everywhere: A Memoir - Darcey Steinke - Books - Review - New York Times.

What is the world coming to? Last week was a bloody one. Massacre in Virginia Tech University. Bombing in Iraq. Terrorism in Morocco. What’s next? War in Iran?! Such situations highlight the human condition at its worst: death, war and misery. And brings a yearning for the divine to alleviate the suffering.

Darcey Steinke, the author of the memoir Easter Everywhere, wonders if the misery she feels is a result of the absence of God in her life. It makes an interesting account coming from a skeptic and novelist of titles like Suicide Blonde. As we watch helplessly the bloody events unfold around us, or feel the hollowness of our own souls, even a skeptic would be comforted by a prayer for peace and happiness.


eshda3wa said...

sounds like a very very interesting book

and an interesting insight!

its a sad world we live in these days

7esbe allah 3ala ele kan elsebab

1001 Nights said...

I think the quote by Weil really hits the nail on the head. The reason in my opinion why the part about “though unknown to oneself imagining the attributes of Divinity in them” would be true is because it’s human instinct to believe in God. I think that even if they were never taught about it humans would be instinctively aware of God’s existence. The difference between us and heathens or idolaters is that they are not enlightened as to what to worship or how – either that or they are too proud to accept the truth about God, and like Weil implied, unwittingly choose instead to attribute divine attributes to idols.

Grey said...

From the ancient times man has left nothing but bloody foot prints in the name of religion . The way i see it, these are the better days ! just like the calm before the storm begins.. worst is yet to come !

Bu Ziyad said...

eshda3wa: i only read the review and sounds very interesting!

nights: true.. i think there is another meaning in there.. even scientist for example who do not believe in god turn their science into god like and worship it without realizing it..

wolf: just like anything in life there is the good and bad uses.. religion creates mother teresa and bin laden.. thats why we have to pray for peace and happiness not death and destruction..

1001 Nights said...

Yes I understood that meaning. What I was trying to say is that reason behind that happening, why scientists would worhsip science or heathen would worship idols is because they misplace place something instinctive to them and put it in science/idols instead of correctly focusing that instinct to the worship of God.