Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloggers Unite

THEY call themselves pyjamahideen. Instead of galloping off to fight holy wars, they stay at home, meaning, often as not, in their parents' houses, and clatter about computer keyboards. Their activity is not as explosive as the self-styled jihadists who trouble regimes in the region, and they come in all stripes, secular liberal as well as radical Islamist. But like Gulliver's Lilliputians, youthful denizens of the internet are chipping away at the overweening dominance of Arab governments.

Egypt | Bloggers may be the real opposition |

“Workers of the world, unite”, is a rallying cry of socialism. Despite the fate of socialism, it called for power to the powerless masses. Today the powerless masses in the Arab world are making their voice heard in spite of governments’ clamp down. Bloggers unite! Let it be our rallying cry.


Grey said...

Yep ! all the bloggers should unite at some dunkin donuts and get some free coffee !

1001 Nights said...

I don't know how "powerless" bloggers in the Arab world are. The Arab world has relatively low internet penetration and even relatively low literacy rate or educational level. This would mean the bloggers within the Arab world are educated, technology literate, and wealthy -- hardly representative of the powerless masses.

Bu Ziyad said...

Wolf: better still crispy creme in mm!

night: good comment.. true not all are online but its growing at a rapid pace and covers all segments of society..