Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stealing Flags

I joined the reportedly one third Kuwaitis traveling away from the National Day festivities, but I kept thinking how I can be more patriotic. It seems the emphasis this time around is on being a good citizen with the Kuwait Tistahil campaign and all.

As my plane took off I started flipping the newspaper to kill time. I came across a report that I am not sure whether it’s funny or sad. According to an official from Kuwait Municipality in charge of the National Day festivities, there were 800 flags stolen from street poles and other public venues! (Al-Qabas newspaper 22/2/2007) Can you think for a second what was going on in the mind of such person: to steel in order to show your love for your country! But if you think for another second you will realize that there are a lot more than 800 such ‘patriotic’ citizens. Kuwait tistahil.. better.


eshda3wa said...

elkuwait testahal alot better
shaameful wallah

Grey said...

I Blame the darn Bangladeshi's ... these days they even steal friggin used underwear from residential blocks ...