Thursday, March 22, 2007

Family Business

It's surprising how much similarities exist between our bigger society and the smaller one – which could be work, family or other. A friend tells me about his family business. He is absolutely frustrated. In the bigger society there is a lack of direction, especially as other countries have made strides such as Dubai and Qatar. In the smaller one, my friend tells me, the business lagged while other families made great progress. The bigger society sustains itself not by adding value but exhausting resources under the ground. Just like the smaller one which relies on its existing resources without meaningful contribution.

In the bigger society there is mismanagement, corruption, lack of productivity, lack of qualification, disguised unemployment and the list goes on. The smaller society is no different. I asked my friend why don't they do anything about it by implementing proper corporate governance and institutionalizing the business. He laughed back and said: but that's how the family figurehead keeps control of the business and ensures dependency of all others! How similar!


eshda3wa said...

never thought of it this way
but its so true!

Anonymous said...

t3tqden chthy eshd3wa ??

A pedestrian said...

A very simplified point of view to more complicated structures.Nevertheless, I was always found comparison between how business men/women run their companies and how my mother runs her kitchen. maybe managing human behavior is universal whether its in a kitchen or in corporate institutions :)

pendolino said...

unfortunately that is quite true in a few examples i have seen. astute observation.

Anonymous said...

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