Friday, February 02, 2007

K “U Wait” Airways

Ladies and Gentlemen, in a David Letterman fashion here are the top five reasons why Kuwait Airways (KA), the airline everyone loves to hate, should be privatized (khaskhasa ;p). In case you follow the David Letterman show and you wonder why the list is reduced to five rather than ten, well it’s not the lack of reasons for sure!

Let me give a brief background, even though my latest experience was anything but brief. Lately I had the misfortune of flying with our loathed national carrier. I originally made my booking to travel to London via British Airways (BA) as I usually do. I switched only due to the planned strike that was supposed to take place, which was averted at the last minute. So I thought since I already changed my booking I might as well stick with it.. I did not realize how wrong I was!

Anyways five hours of delay was sufficient for me to come to such realization and hence comes the five reasons. So without further a due here they are:

5- Privatization worked for BA: BA was national carrier that was privatized. Ever since the government transferred ownership of the carrier to the private sector, it became one of the leading airlines in the world.

4- Even though Kuwait Airways is one of the first national airlines in the region, it got overshadowed by the rest. Today airlines such as the Dubai based Emirates is way ahead. Even newer carriers such as Qatar Airways and Abu Dhabi’s Etihad are making more headway.

3- Competition is not restricted to the region. Even in Kuwait the relatively new budget airline Al Jazeera is getting ahead. Despite being no frills airline, it is known for its simple online reservation system, fresh fleet and being on time –which is unheard of for Kuwait Airways!

2- The fleet is old and deteriorating. It relies on government support and is not financially viable at its current state.

1- Here comes the top reason for privatizing KA: cause it simply sucks!


Zaydoun said...

And which airline will you take when you go skiing?


Bu Ziyad said...

Hehehe same as you I hope.. Anything but Kuwait Airways!